Wednesday, December 15, 2004

'Tis the season mother fucker. Fa-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la

I’m kind of in a blah mood today. This is my sixth day in a row to work and I’m ready for a day off. Thankfully I have the next ~two~ free!

Speaking of free, we were baby-free for a few days as Steven’s parents had the girls. However, he decided that he wanted to go ahead and pick them up last night instead of waiting till today. Though he didn’t say so, I’m sure the main motivation in getting them last night was that he didn’t have to make the drive by himself. As usual I drove the whole way there and the whole way back. I got to listen to my latest audio book though (The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck) and he didn’t bitch. The narration of the audio books sooth him (or perhaps bore him) and he naps, so he usually tells me to put them on.

I wish that I’d kept a list of all the books that I’ve ever read. It would be really interesting to look over it and see all the variety and the trends I’ve gone through. Like when I was really young (10-12 yrs old) I loved horror books. I’d read those really trashy ones with names like Demon Orgy or something that had a fucking hologram on the cover. I remember some of the worst (which I of course loved) were printed by Zebra. They also published really trashy romance books where the pirate’s cock is practically jutting out of his trousers on the cover and the young maiden’s boobs are uncovered right to the tip-top of the nipples.

Anyway, after my horror fad I went through a couple of years where I was deep into cheesy medieval fantasy. I played Dungeons & Dragons with my cousin and I read the Dragon Lance Chronicles, which I think were novels put out by the same company that made the D&D games. Hey, I can be forgiven! I was like 12 or 13 at the time.

As I became an older teen I discovered the off-beat writings of Vonnegut and then went through a wannabe intellectual period where I read a lot of contemporary classics. I was a big queen too though because I peppered this with lots of trashy Hollywood bios.

I hope my girls like to read. My friend Tracey has two kids and her son loves to read but her daughter isn’t that into it. I hope both my girls do though but if I had to bet on it right now I’d say that Emily will be the reader. She’s very laid back and doesn’t have a problem entertaining herself when left alone, whereas Alize is so demanding of attention and more easily bored.

I’m currently reading Ask Dr. Mueller, a collection of writings by John Waters’ actress Cookie Mueller. Gini gave it to me for Christmas. It’s great! I’m always amazed at people that can have such a free lifestyle and just pick up and go. She traveled all over the world with her young son on little to no money. I admire that type of spirit but I just don’t possess it myself. I like my creature comforts and sense of security too much.

I mentioned John Waters. He has a compilation out of his favorite Christmas songs right now that I’d really like to get. I called around for it the other day but the only place in town that carried it was sold out. I’d order it online but I keep trying to think of some DVDs to order for Steven’s parents to give them for Christmas and I can’t think of any. I hate to order just one thing because the shipping is always so high. It just doesn’t seem worth it unless I’m ordering multiple items. I’m gonna go see my mom in the next couple of days though and I’m sure I can pick it up at some shop down in Fort Worth, so I’ll just wait.

Oh yeah. I talked to my mom the other night and she was acting kind of weird. She always listens to conversations closely and usually hangs on what I’m saying because she lives through other people since she basically refuses to have any kind of life of her own outside her house now. Anyway, I was telling her about our new dog Jack and how he seems to be pretty much housebroken and it only took him a couple of days of watching Holly to figure out how to use the doggy door. I had no sooner said this than my mom asks me if he’s housebroken and if he’s learned how to use the doggy door. Steven was in the room with me and heard me repeat it back to my mom and shot me a look like, “What’s up?” Then later I was telling her about the parrot we’re “babysitting” and that its name is Ezzie (sp?). Right afterwards she asks me what the bird’s name is.

After I hung up Steven started talking about how she may have had a mini-stroke! Great. Just what I want to hear. I’m gonna go down and check her out in person and see if there is something up. Now I called her kind of late the other night and she might have been asleep when I rang and just didn’t want to say anything. Maybe she was just groggy.

I called my sister today to find out if she’d noticed anything. She said she hadn’t but that she has her own health problems instead. Then she tells me that according to some recent medical tests she’s had done it looks like she’s already suffered a series of mini-strokes. Fantastic.

I feel so fucking cheerful. Well, ‘tis the season after all. (cue theme to M*A*S*H - Suicide Is Painless)

Anyway, it’s no wonder that I’m in a blah mood as of late. Christmas is such a high-pressure time. “You will be happy and make great memories goddamn it!!!” I guess that I’m not exactly ready for Christmas to be over. I just want it to hurry up and get here.

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