Friday, December 03, 2004

Mystic Crystal Revelations Regarding Bullshit

OK. I’m gonna try this blog thang for a while but I’m afraid that after a while I’ll just drop it. Who knows though? Maybe it’ll be addictive.

I had a minor revelation last night. Frighteningly enough it was because of something said on that tv show Frasier. (A show that generally irritates me. Isn’t Kelsey Grammer a big Repubelickin?) It was just on in the background while we were getting the girls to bed and the Frasier character was saying that he was going to make an effort to spend more time with his son because he’d realized that he was almost completely defining his self-identity solely on his career. That statement totally fits some of the people I work with, especially Crappy! We’ve always bitched about how she has no life but I had never put it in that perspective. It’s not just that she doesn’t have a life. The woman defines herself based only on her job position.

That really gets on my tits. There are a lot of managers up here at work (where I’m at presently) that are oh-so-professional…now! They’ve somehow severed their lives and deny their pasts instead of embracing their prior experiences as stepping stones leading up to the present. The head honcho up here supposedly used to sell t-shirts at rock-n-roll concerts with an ex-boyfriend or ex-husband. Could someone survive that sort of lifestyle ~without~ consuming some illicit drugs? Now she’s a power hungry über-bitch with a Martha Stewart wardrobe. I heard last week that Crappy used to live in a fucking commune for Krist’s sake!! Now she lives her life as if it’s dictated by government manual 31a66.9b, subsection 29. (She has a tiny tattoo under her left eye. A left-over reminder of her commune days? I understand that it used to be a star but with age it’s just become a dark blob that looks like a misplaced artificial beauty mark.)

I’m sure I’ll sound like a chauvinist but all the upper-management here are women and they create a strange dynamic. I don’t think it’s because they’re women, per se. I think it’s a generational thing because of their age. Several started their careers in the 80’s and, despite the ideal of women as wives, mothers and professionals, they all apparently felt like they had to choose. The coolest of the bunch are the ones that had kids and have a strong family life. They’re all a bit older than the other women that didn’t. They were probably housewives first before getting into the working world. The managers that are slightly younger (including the head honcho) apparently chose their careers over families. They’ve all been divorced and have no children. So now they’re middle-aged and all they’ve got going is their job.

Don't get me wrong. I do not believe that having a husband and kids is a prerequisite to a woman's happiness. It's just that the managers that do self-identify in roles other than that of their job position are cooler. However, several of the managers up here seem to be working for no other purpose than to define themselves as superior to others and apparently now have a total disconnect from their less-than-professional pasts. Please strangle me until I lose control of my bowels if I reach middle-age and turn out to be such a bitch.

That’s all I feel like writing now. Next post I’ll try to be a little more upbeat. Work isn’t getting on my nerves ~nearly~ as much as it was a while back so I’m not quite sure where the above venting came from.

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