Sunday, July 08, 2007

Roomba - The World's First Retarded Robot

Yesterday at a garage sale we bought a Roomba vacuum, which I've always wanted. That's one of those little disk-shaped robotic vacuums that supposedly roam around your house and vacuum automatically. It was only like $10 and we talked them down to $5 at this garage sale. It's a good thing too because it's fucking stupid. I put the recharging base in the corner of the dining room and whenever I turn it on it always instantly heads out, then turns around, goes back and then promptly turns and goes and wedges itself underneath the table. It does the same exact thing every time and never learns from its mistakes. If I move it out into the middle of a room it only takes maybe thirty-seconds before it jams itself either up underneath a piece of furniture or tries to start climbing up something until it's stuck. Before it becomes completely stuck it'll back up a little but instead of turning around it just keeps trying to go forward until it become irreversibly fucked.

Oh. It's also really loud too.

I looked it up on Wikipedia and the one we wound up with is not a first generation model with bugs. It's like a more advanced third generation unit. (Model 4220 from 2004.) I also don't think it was just used till it got fucked up either, as it looked really new and the people had it in a bag with all the parts and even all the little books that come with it. I think they probably got it from like their adult kids one Christmas and quickly discovered that it didn't work and it went in a closet for two or three years.

So I just wanted to put this out there to warn people about my experience. If you think this is a good product or have any suggestions as to how to improve ours or why it acts so ignunt please let me know.

Geez. I'm glad I didn't plop down like $150 on one of these things new.

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