Saturday, July 07, 2007

I'm Too Sexy For My Hate Crime Scare Tactics

You know who Fred Phelps is, right? He's the guy behind that whole "God Hates Fags" campaign. He runs an alleged church based out of Kansas and he and his congregation, which is made up primarily of his family members, picket funerals of not only AIDS and gay hate crime victims but the funerals of fallen soldiers as well! (Their reasoning is that God is punishing our country and its people for our extensive support of homosexuals.) I'd provide a link to his web site(s) but I don't want to help increase their site traffic. He and his ilk, like his hideous daughter Shirley, are truly toxic and should be avoided at all costs.

With that said though, I have had an idea for a while now that I'll never get off my ass to do, so I'll put it out there for the people in case anyone wants to rip off this concept. I think that some guerrilla artist needs to mix an album of hardcore techno songs featuring the most insane Fred Phelps anti-gay sound bites. These tracks could then be ironically played at underground clubs where lots of gay sex and/or drug abuse was going on and eventually drag queens could start mocking the songs in their lipsynch numbers. Just to make sure everyone gets the joke the songs should have really outrageous subtitles such as "God Hates Fags (Let Jesus Fuck You Mix)" or "Suffer The Sodomites (Tasty A-Hole Mix)" just as examples. The real kicker would be that these tracks would be released under the moniker Right Said Fred Phelps.

Well, I'm off to pray for salvation now. Ta.

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