Friday, July 06, 2007

Geez, Louise! Where have you been!?!

OK. I did exactly what I didn't want to do, which is to let this blog slip into oblivion. It's been how many months since I posted anything!?!

The purpose of this blog is supposed to be a sort of vanity piece where I can express whatever strikes my fancy at any given time and bitch into the vacuous void of cyberspace. However, when I last signed off I was going to post an entry about my experiences with Texas' foster system and adopting my daughter. Once I started writing this it soon turned out to be gi-normous. I took a break from it and then was too emotionally exhausted to tackle it again.

What I should have done was to just work on it here and there or post in increments but noooo - that's not how I roll. (I need to change my habits.) Every time I thought about my blog I thought, "I have to sit down and finish that one entry but it's going to take so much time."

Well, I'm off work on vacation this week and just staying home to get some things done around the home and rest, so I finally came back to it. Guess what? I still can't finish it all at once. It's simply turning out to be too damn long. I really want to post it as a single entry so that anyone that's interested doesn't have to search for multiple posts to get the whole tale.

I'm going to try to work on it in spurts and begin to post other stuff that strikes my fancy more regularly in the meantime. Like anybody cares, right?

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