Thursday, August 09, 2007

Stalking Is So Sweet

OK. I'm totally forsaking my generation's cynicism by posting this but I actually thought it was really sweet. In fact, it's so cute that you may shit kittens after watching.

For a few weeks now I've seen blurbs on some of the glbt blogs that I read regularly about this guy in NYC who is wooing a guy in another state through YouTube videos he's been posting. Work was slow during the afternoon for a bit yesterday and I finally went and watched them and I'm totally suckered by the whole thing. Not only am I falling for all the romantic shtick but I'm also fascinated by the concept, which is so modern. I mean, this sort of thing couldn't have been done a few years ago.

So here's the story as I understand it. Chris is originally from Houston but lives in NYC now. He's half-Mexican and half-Irish. Nick is in Iowa. (Going to college?) He's half-American and half-Swedish (I think) but must have spent much of his youth in Europe, as he has a bit of an accent. Both guys have video blogs on YouTube and somehow got to watching each other's postings. Well, Chris developed a serious crush on Nick and decided to pursue him by posting videos to try and woo him. Nick's videos have a more homemade quality and often have poor sound quality but Chris' are very sleek. Plus Chris is one of those people who is not afraid of putting himself out there and making a complete fool of himself. It's really quite endearing. I can see how his videos are effective. Like I said, the modernness of this venture is intriguing but it's really the old-fashioned, unabashed romanticism and humor that the clincher.

Each guy has several dozen videos they've posted but I've linked the essential ones that tell the story of their romance below more or less in order. I think most of you will really like this. (If you want to peruse all their videos you can find Chris' here and Nick's here.)

So if you're suckered into this gay soap opera too you'll have to subscribe to their channels to keep posted on their blossoming young love. (OK. You can officially gag now.)

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