Thursday, August 16, 2007

Et Tu, Brut?

OK. So yesterday I had to pick up a few things and one of those items was deodorant. For some reason my body builds up resistance to antiperspirant so quickly that every time I buy it I have to get a different kind. I can't cycle back to a brand for about a year because if I've used it within that time it won't work on me.

Due to this situation I will eventually have to buy every brand of deodorant there is. I've even bought women's deodorant before. (It didn't work, despite the "strong enough for a man" statement. Bullshit.) So yesterday I was torn between Mitchum and Brut. I went with Brut hoping for nostalgic masculine appeal. Instead I now smell like a 1980's junior high student returning to school after the Christmas holidays wearing the contents of a gift set he got as a present from his grandmother. Ew.

Avoid at all costs.

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Mascorrolandia said...

Funny you should mention it - for the longest time I was scared to death of deodorant, following my Hodgkin's disease experience. But a couple of weeks ago, I was meeting a friend for coffee and before leaving work, asked Justin if I smelled like a sauerkraut, and bless his heart, he answered me hesitantly, but honestly. I've been a Lady Speed Stick (Shower Fresh, thank you very much!) queen ever since...