Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Generation Killed Irony

I was telling Gini about something that I've tripped pretty deeply on. The closest grocery store to our house is a Sack-N-Save (aka Suck-N-Slave). It's a pretty gross store but they do have great produce. (That's something at least.) So I've noticed while shopping there that they have the craziest muzak. It's actually not muzak, per se, but real songs piped in for your shopping pleasure. It's a satellite feed without commercials or announcers. Just music. It sounds almost like a mix tape I used to make all the time because the genres are so all-over-the-place but they have a tendency to emphasize 80's underground new wave. One day I was in there and they were playing a deep cut off of an old Echo & The Bunnymen album from '84. I couldn't tell you the song but it was from Ocean Rain.

Now you couldn't hear that shit anywhere on the radio or Mtv back when it came out but you can hear it at the grocery store now. Freaky. I just tripped really hard on that for some reason. All this music that I had to go out of my way to find, often driving to Dallas to buy at import record stores, is now considered nostalgic.

Another thing was that this grocery store is predominantly patronized by a Mexican clientele, so the Echo & The Bunnymen soundtrack over this scene of Hispanic families shopping made it rather surreal. When you think about Echo & The Bunnymen's abstract lyrics and artsy vibe it was downright funny. A scene I'd love to see in an independent film.

(Shit. Next thing you know they'll be selling Cher Sings The Best Of Echo & The Bunnymen at fucking Wal-mart. I swear in this world we're living in nothing surprises me any longer.)

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